Vodafone India! Flex “Plans/Deals” Pack Offers | Voda Flex Sim buy Online

By | September 22, 2016

Vodafone India! Flex “Plans/Deals” Pack Offers | Voda Flex Sim buy Online

Vodafone India is telecom industry head office is located in Mumbai Maharashtra. Vodafone India provide service to more that 195 million customers. Vodafone is a global leader of local marketing. This USP makes voda as a leader in the telecommunication industry. Now Vodafone India start new deal for prepaid customer known as Vodafone Flex.

Vodafone Flex Plans Detail Available Here

Vodafone Flex Plans Detail Available Here

  • Vodafone is known as Best in class network
  • Pwoerful Brand
  • Unique Distribution
  • Unmatched Customer Service.
  • Customer always receives world class service.
  • Vodafone Flex.

All dear Voda prepaid users are informed that stay online with us to get all information like What is Vodafone Flex, How Vodafone Flex is used, How Vodafone Flex is beneficial for users. All dear customers are informed that Flex will be deducted from main balance instead of money. Means customer can use their flex as per need. Go through complete procedure and concepts behind flex.

Reliance Jio 4G Plans New

Vodafone Flex Deals

After Reliance Digital Jio Concept All other telecom company try to retain their customers. So every company comes with new plans with interesting deals. As like Vodafone has launched new concept known as FLEX. At initial stage company provide flex system to its prepaid users.

With this users will be able to get Voice, SMS, Data, Roaming with a single charge instead of byying separate packs. Company claims that with Flex, customers will able to save money up to 25% at each reachrge, will be valid for 28 days. Instead of Money flex will be reduce from customer balance. Each flex is equal to 1 MB 4G/3G/2G or 1 Minute of Outgoing Calls One Minute of Incoming Call, on Roaming.

On Roaming it will be equal to 2 flex. Felx recharge is available in Rs 119/- (325 Flex), Rs 199/- (700 Flex), Rs 299/- (1200 Flex), Rs 399/- (1750 Flex). Additional recharge at lower cost. price and felx packs will be depend upon region. Customers will also be able to carry forward unused flex from a previous recharge.

For Example== If customer get pack of 325 felx for Rs 119/- She or He will get 325 MB of Data. If they not use their pack of any other services. Sim they can use same amount of flex for 162 min of local or STD call, if they not use any other service. How ever Vodafone customer, with flex, they have flexibility to choose the service they want to utilize without need of additional packs.

Vodafone Flex Plans

Talk without no internet users

  • Monthly Spent 55 (FTT) +65 (Calls @40p)=120,
  • Current Benefit-> 137 minute + no internet
  • With Flex (117 Recharge) 135 Mins + 55 MB Data (28 days)

Talker with Some Internet Usage

  • Monthly Spent – 85 (FTT) +65 (Calls @40p) + 50 (200 MB Data) ,
  • Current Benefits -> 210 Minutes+ 200 MB Data (7days).

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  • With Flex Recharge (194 Recharge) 250 Minutes + 200 MB (28 days)

Heavy Talker with Some Internet

  • Monthly Spent 145 (FTT) + 105 (Calls @ 30p)+50 (200 MB) = 300
  • Current Benefits -> 483 min, 200 MB (7Days)
  • Flex Recharge (296 Recharge) –> 500 Min + 200 MB Data (28 Days)

Vodafone Flex Prepaid Plans

Talker with Heavy Internet Usage

  • Monthly Spent 85 (FTT) + 65 (Call @40p) +250 (1GB) = 400
  • Current Benefits – 212 min + 1GB (28 days)
  • Flex Benefits (398 Recharge) –> 375 Minutes + 1GB Reachrge (28 Days)
  • Flex Deducted from your balance – 1 FLEX = 1 MB Internet or 1 SMS or 1 Minute Voice Call
  • 2 Flex = 1 Minute Local STD Call or 1 Minute Outgoing Call on Roaming.

Link – Vodafone Flex Detail in pdf

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