Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi Font {Images-SMS-Quotes} :~>Vaisakhi in Hindi

By | April 13, 2017

Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi Font {Images-SMS-Quotes} :~>Vaisakhi in Hindi

Vaisakhi is a Punjabi festival which celebrate on April 13 every year. India is knowing for its diversification, culture and festivals. Baisakhi or Vaisakhi is a harvesting festival on this day people celebrate festival with Dance, Bhangra, Carnivals or Mela, special dish on this day is Kheer Poore. Users are advised to stay tuned with us to get Vaisakhi Wishes, Vaisakhi SMS, Vaisakhi Images, Vaisakhi Quotes, Vailsakhi Message, Vaisakhi Greeting Card & send to family, friend, special one and lover.

Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi

Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi

Baisakhi also celebrate in all over India specially North India like Haryana, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Mainly in Punjab. People doing dance, wear new cloths Bhangra Giddha start harvest wheat crop. To get Best Wishes for Baisakhi festival for whatsapp, facebook and others in Punjabi Language, Punjabi Font, in Hindi and other regional language. So get here Vaisakhi Best Wishes, Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi Language, Vaisakhi SMS in Punjabi Font, Vaisakhi Wishes SMS, Vaisakhi SMS in English or Baisakhi Images or Baisakhi Images to send dearest one. Baisakhi SMS

Vaisakhi SMS in Punjabi Font

Baisakhi festival have lots of important & great history in Punjab. In Punjab all festival celebrate with full of joy or happiness. But Vaisakhi have most important festival. Government organize Carnival means Mela. Most famous Baisakhi festival carnival in Pinjor Garden Chandigarh. People comes for all over India to see Baisakhi Mela. People are also seeking about message or sms to send their friends, family or their circle.

Vaisakhi Wishes with Images

Vaisakhi Wishes with Images

**Dhand Dee Laa K Chadar, Phullan Nu .Jass Khid Khid Hasee Aande Hai,,

**Us Wailey Hi Bas .Baisakhi Aande Hai,,

**Badlaan Nu Chumdee, Hawaa .Ich Jhooldee Sunhari Fasal Jad,,

**Jatt Nu Bulaandi Hai Us .Wailey Baisakhi Aandi Hai,,

**Bhangde Te Gidde .Di Toli Raak Ke,,

**Jadd Pind Ich .Tamalaa Paundi Hai,,

**Us Wailey Baisakhi .Aandi Hai,,

**Mere Punjab Di Mitti Jad Wee .Mainu Wajaan Maar Bulandi Hai,,

**Har Din Mere Dil Vich Ek .Navi Baisakhi Aandi Hai,,

*$* Happy Baisakhi !!!

“^* Pyar Di Jyot Dilan ..Vich Jalaa Jaave,,

*Bichhde Dilaan.. Nu Mila Jaave,,

*Phir Khiliyan Pyar.. Di Kaliyaan VE,,

*Mannu Chedde^ Saare Yaar Vaelli..

*Karaan Rabb Daa ..Shukar Dil Naal Mein,,

*Mennu Milaya Bichhadya ..Pyar Baisakhi De Vaelle,,

*Rab Har Saal ..Ehoji Beskahi Lyaave,,

*Jithey Har Bichhada Pyar Mil Jaave,,

**Happy Baisakhi To You !!!

Vaisakhi Wishes SMS in Punjabi

Vaisakhi Wishes SMS in Punjabi

‘*’ Has Deyon Sab Nu Hason Vaaste,,,

“*” Mar Jawan Sab.. Nu Manaan Vaaste 

Baisakhi Hai Khushi ..Manaan Vaaste

Baisakhi Di Vadhaiyan Saare.. Taanu or Tudae Parivaar Nu

*^* Happy Baisakhi !!!

*:* May You Come UP As Bright As Sun

As Cool As Water * & Sweet As Honey *:*

Hope This Baisakhi Fulfill All Your Desire And Wishes

*;* Happy Baisakhi !!!

Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi

People are fully prepared to celebrate Baisakhi Festival & in Punjab House wife prepare Baisakhi plan preparing dishes, sweets, Bhangra Dance, Playing Gidda. In colleges or University Punjabi Programs will conduct in celebration of Baisakhi Festival. Get here Baisakhi SMS, Vaisakhi SMS, Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi Language, Vaisakhi Wishes in Punjabi Language, Baisakhi Message in Punjabi, Vaisakhi Message in Punjabi, Baisakhi SMS in Hindi, Vaisakhi SMS in Hindi, Baisakhi Quotes, Vaisakhi Quotes, Baisakhi Quotes in Punjabi, Vaisakhi Quotes in Punjabi, Baisakhi Greetings, Vaisakhi Greetings.

Happy Baisakhi Wishes 2016

Vaisakhi Wishes {Images-SMS-Quotes} :~> Baisakhi in Punjabi Font & Hindi

Vaisakhi Wishes {Images-SMS-Quotes} :~> Baisakhi in Punjabi Font & Hindi

*^* Surmay Gobind Di Piyare Sikhi *^* De Sitare Khalsa Di Dhan Zindgi

Jinna Sheesh Vi Dharam Uto * Varye Khalsa Di Dhan Zindagi

Happy Vaisakhi ^ Un Khalseya De Naa

Rabb Tudai Baisakhi Hor Ve *^* Khushiyan Aate Shanti Naal Bhar Deve

$$ Happy Baisakhi !!!

“*” Baisakhi De Is Paawan * Parav Diyan Sabnu Vadhaiyaan

Waahe Guru Ji Sab Da Bhala Karen..

Happy Baisakhi !!!

 “^” May This Baisakhi Festival Bring * Happiness To You & Your Family

*** Happy Baisakhi 2016 !!!

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