Thai# Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017 “Bhogi/Surya/Mattu/Kanum” Greetings Card

By | January 14, 2017

Thai# Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017 “Bhogi/Surya/Mattu/Kanum” Greetings Card

Thai Pongal Wishes in Tamil, Thai Pongal Greeting Cards, Thai Pongal Wishes Cards in Tamil. Get latest Pongal Wishes, Text, SMS, Greetings to send your nearest one & celebrate festival with each other. Indian Calendar is fulfill with festival & holidays. In January Month Pongal Festival comes with joy & happiness. Viewers can get Wishes in South Indian regional language (Tamil) or in Hindi, English, Text Messages, Images & Greetings.   January 2017 is coming with full of Celebration & Festivals. Everyone is looking for how to make Pongal 2017 Festive perfect & happy. Happy Pongal Wishes in Tamil Language, Happy Pongal Wishes in Telugu Language.

Pongal is an traditional South Indian Festival comes every year in January month. Every Indian celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Indian festival Pongal celebration of four days. School, Colleges & offices are closed due to festival. Fours Pongal Days are Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal & Kanum Pongal.

Thai Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017

Thai Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017

Pongal also known as Makar Sankranti in other part of India. According to South Indian Calendar this festival comes on last day of month called Maargazhi. It is an Winter Harvest Festival & celebrate through out over all Nation. Get Pongal Wishes in Tamil only here.

On day of Pongal people boil first rice of season harvest crop in worship of God then eat itself & celebrate their festival. Pongal Festival day marks Sun,s long journey towards Uttarayanam & journey for next six month. On day of Surya Pongal everyone pray to Sun God to provide energy for crop & agriculture. People can also get Pongal Greetings. Pongal festival celebration for four days & every day have their own myth & customs. Happy Pongal Wishes Images, Happy Pongal Wishes in Tamil Font, Happy Pongal Wishes in Telugu Font.

Thai Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017

Pongal Festival Meaning & Myth, South Indian Pongal Festival celebrate through all over India but in South India Pongal celebration for four days with different name, culture & customs like Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal & Kanum Pongal respectively. In India very festival celebrate with great positive energy & enthusiasm. Pongal Festival have different history & customs. Pongal Festival Days with detail of custom & culture.

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Bhogi Pongal mainly celebrate in myth to get rid off from old house hold & people going for start new cycle. It is an beginning of Pongal festival. People get relief from  old house hold and starting of new cycle. House Lady decorate their homes in favor of festival & celebrate Happy Pongal every year.

Happy Pongal Wishes in Telugu

Surya Pongal  It is an second day of Pongal festival. Every People decorate their home with kolam, wear new clothes, celebrate festival with family prepare Sweets, South Indian Dishes & Boil seasons first Rice in worship of God & pray to Sun God to provide energy of agriculture & good crop. Thai Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017

“””Udal Kalaipu”””

..Udaluku Mattum..

Manadhirku Endrum

.’. Thevai Inippu.’.

Addai Inaippadu

Thaan Pongalin Sirappu

*#*Iniya Pongal Nalvazhthukkal*#*

..”.. Pongal Thirunaalum ..”..

”’Thalaipongal Thirunalum”’

.’. Pongivarum Pongal Pola .’.

“.’ Engum Pongattum Magizhchi “.’

*$* Iniya Pongal Nalvaazhthukkal *$*

*** May The Warmness & Joy of ***

…The Festival Spread Into Your Hearts …

.’. Wishing You A Pongal Filled With Fun & Joy.’.

*** Pongal Vazhthaka! ***

Mattu Pongal It is an third day of festival in which everyone worship of cattle reason custom. People believed in worship of cattle & help for good crop & agriculture. Mattu Pongal day id second last day of Pongal Celebration.

Kanum Pongal is the fourth day of festival, on that day people spend time with families or friends. Enjoy sweets, dishes & Pongal festival with customs & culture. 

Happy Pongal Greeting Cards 2017

India is an Nation of different cultures & with a long list of festival of all over region like Diwali, Eid, Merry Christmas, Holi and others Pongal is an also a festival of South India. People celebrate Pongal festival with great culture & enthusiasm. Pongal festival celebrate for harvesting of rice crop & boling of rice in worship of God & in favor of long journey of Sun’s God in Uttarayanam. Wish a very Happy Pongal 2017 for everyone. Get Pongal Greeting in Tamil, Pongal Quotes in Tamil, Best Pongal Wishes. Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017

Happy Pongal Greeting Cards 2017

Happy Pongal Greeting Cards 2017

“”May the Prosperity & Happiness””

…Flourish in your lives Throughout…

.’. The Year as you celebrate the .’.

”’Harvest Festival  of Pongal”’

“> Happy Pongal 2017 <“<

Bhogi Pongal Wishes in Tamil, Surya Pongal Wishes in Tamil,  Mattu Pongal Wishes in Tamil, Kanum Pongal Wishes in Tamil, Bhogi Pongal Wishes in Telugu, Surya Pongal Wishes in Telugu, Mattu Pongal Wishes in Telugu, Kanum Pongal Wishes in Telugu

Happy Pongal Wishes Images

Happy Pongal Wishes Images

<<Wishing That This Festival Is One>>

…Which Brings Good Luck & Prosperity…

.’. & Hoping That It Is Joyous & Fills .’.

… Your Days Ahead With Happiness…

***Have A Wonderful Pongal***

People get latest wishes for Pongal festival in Tamil language and English to share wishes in between. Pongal is harvest festival of Rice Crop or Rabi Crop, in North India it also known as Makar Sankranti. Users also get Greeting Cards, SMS, Quotes in Tamil/Hindi/English for sharing their wishes in family, wife, lover & friends. Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2017

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