Happy Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi {Cards & Quotes) in Hindi Language

By | April 13, 2017

Happy Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi {Cards & Quotes) in Hindi Language

Baisakhi is a Indian festival which also known as Vaisakhi, Vasakhi. But Baisakhi festival have origin from Punjab or Sikh Community. It is a harvest festival & celebrate on 13th April. In India every festival celebrate with full of joy & each & every people celebrate every festival.

Happy Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi

Happy Baiskahi SMS in Punjabi

Every year Baisakhi festival comes in month of April for harvesting of Crop like wheat. Everyone will found wishes, sms, quotes to send their friends, family and their circle.In Punjab people are very excited for Baisakhi Festival or Vaisakhi. They prepare sweets, traditional dishes & start harvest wheat crop also known as Kanak Fasal. People sing song, dance (Bhangra) and celebrate festival with each other. In North India like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir have courage about Baisakhi Festival. Users are  informed that stay tuned with us to get Baisakhi SMS, Vaisakhi SMS, Vasakhi SMS, Vaisakhi Quotes, Baisakhi Quotes in Punjabi. Happy Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi,

Happy Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi

Happy Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi font or Happy Baisakhi Wishes in Punjabi Language is available here. Get message from here to send friends, family. Happy Baisakhi Wishes for Family, Happy Baisakhi Wishes for Friends. Baisakhi is festival is belong to punjab. In Chandigarh Baisakhi Mela is organized in Pinjor Garden. Happy Baisakhi SMS in Punjabi

Happy* Baisakhi {SMS-Cards & Quotes) 2016 in Hindi |Punjabi Language

Happy* Baisakhi {SMS-Cards & Quotes) 2016 in Hindi |Punjabi Language

*^ O Kheta Di Mehak

O JHumara Da Nachna *^ Bada Yaad Aunda Hai

Tere Naal Manaya Hoya *^ Hr Saal Yaad Aunda Hai \

Dil Karda Hai Tere Naal *Vaisakhi^ Manaan Da

Par Hai Kuch Majburi 

Phir Vi Yaar Tu Mere Dil Which Rehnda Hai ***

Happy Baisakhi Vadaiyan !!!

^^ SMS Bhejan Da Nahi ^ Si Shonk Saanu

Twadi Yaad Ne ^ Mobile Fada Ditta

Message Likhde ^ Likhde Space Muki

Saah Taan Bahut ^ Der Lagaande Ne Aon ^^ Jaan Vich

Saah To Pahle Twadi Yaad Aandi Hai >>

Tayi Baisakhi Di Pahli Mubarak Twade Liye

Baisakhi Diyan Vadaiyan !!!

**Happy Baisakhi **Wishes in Punjabi

Tussi Hasde Ho *Sanu Hasaan Waste

Tussi Rone ho *Sanu Rovaan Waste

**Ek War Rus K To Vekh Sohneyo 

Mar Jawange Taanu **Manaan Waste

Baisakhi Da Din Aaya **Khushiyan Manaan Waste

Baisakhi Diyan Badhaiyan Taanu !!!

Happy Baisakhi Cards 2017

Baisakhi Bumper Lottery Result 2017

Send wishes, sms, message, quotes & greeting cards to your favorite one, friend, family & lover. Users are infomed that stay tuned with us to get Baisakhi Wishes in Hindi, Baisakhi Wishes Cards, Baisakhi Cards in Punjabi font, Happy Baisakhi Quotes, Happy Baisakhi Images, Happy Baisakhi Greeting Cards available here only.

** Sunhari Dhoop Barsat K Baad

Thodi Si Khushi ** Har baat K Baad

Mubarak ho Baisakhi Da ** Tayohar Sunhare Din K Baad

**Happy Baisakhi !!!

*^* Nachle Gaale Humare Saath

Ayi Hai Baisakhi *^* Khushiyon K Sath

Masti Mein Jhoom Kheer ** Poore Kha K

Aayi Baisakhi Leke Dher ^^Sari Khushiyan

^*^ Happy Baisakhi !!!

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